How We Care

Making a difference

Our Purpose The Newbrook Ethos

Our Aim:

To provide a residential setting where residents are empowered and enabled, as well as cared for and valued, in an environment that promotes the health and wellbeing of all.


Our Objectives:

  • To provide a high standard of care in accordance with evidence-based practice.
  • To provide a living environment that mirrors a resident’s previous lifestyle (in so much as possible).
  • To ensure that residents live in a comfortable, clean and safe environment.
  • To meet the needs of residents so they can consider us a ‘home from home’.
  • To maintain the resident’s independence as far as possible.
  • To provide a fulfilling and enabling lifestyle.


Our Ethos:

We are committed to working together to provide our residents with a sense of wellness, belonging, acceptance, respect, understanding, support and inclusiveness. We do our best to deliver care that meets their physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs and respects their dignity and autonomy.


How we achieve our philosophy of care:

  • We involve residents when developing a care plan to ensure their needs are met. We also invite family members to take part.
  • There are qualified nurses on duty at all times, along with trained carers to offer a professional service to all residents.
  • Our training programmes ensure that nursing and care staff are responsive to the needs of each resident and that best-practice techniques are followed at all times.
  • We ensure that comfortable accommodation and support services are provided in a relaxed and secure setting.
  • We acknowledge and embrace our Residents’ Charter, which respects the rights of each resident to privacy, dignity, independence and choice.
  • We seek professional advice and consult with each resident, their family and caring staff, when making decisions about a resident’s treatment and care plan.